vobot is great for independent learners, but it’s also a powerful tool for language teachers: your students can look up words in class or at home, and practice them in interactive exercises that give them immediate feedback.


vobot is not meant to replace classic learning. It helps students expand their receptive vocabulary with targeted practicing of those words they personally have difficulty with. 


Unlike traditional flashcards (or flashcard apps), vobot tests the ability to correctly answer a question.


So vobot really holds users accountable for getting it right, while traditional flashcards (and most vocabulary training apps) do not objectively measure if the learner is really on the right track or not.


Using vobot in your class 

vobot can be used instead of a traditional dictionary during reading exercises, and one extra click will add a word to the learning list. Another benefit is that students who read faster can use vobot’s vocabulary exercises to continue working quietly while other students finish reading.


Used in groups or pairs, students can add words as they read out loud to each other, and then do the vocabulary exercises as a team.


vobot can also support students when they read at home. You can tell them that you expect them to know all the words from a reading – and it won’t be that hard for them, because they can look all the words up AND practice them in the app.


For some inspiration, we have created a vobot teacher's guide (vobot German only): download it here. One of the proposed exercises is “StoryCorner”. We also have a free WhatsApp broadcast called StoryCorner that your students can sign up for. Very engaged classes are even invited to submit their own stories! Get all the details here.


Getting a class or school discount

The Appstore offers qualifying educational organizations the possibility to buy volume licenses of 20 or more at a 50% discount. This is where you can apply for the program: https://volume.itunes.apple.com/store


Once you are enrolled in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Education you can purchase discounted licenses of vobot here: http://apple.co/22pGPyK


Help us improve vobot!

We’d love to know more about your needs. With just a little feedback, you can help us make vobot an even better resource for teachers. 


Please send us an email.