vobotA dictionary app with exercises that give immediate & objective feedback

vobotOver 30,000 German words with translations

vobotNearly 100,000 sample sentences & phrases to practice with

vobotWorks offline

vobotNo registration required

vobotChoose between a monthly subscription and one-time fee

vobotAll the German vocabulary you need for learning levels A1-B2*, plus many more!




vobot German is a vocabulary trainer app for iPhone and iPad created by L-Pub, a startup based in Germany. It was developed by passionate language learners who were missing the kind of in-context, personalized vocabulary training that vobot offers.


Language learners have been using flash cards to memorize vocabulary for ages. vobot German takes flash cards to the next level because it always gives you immediate feedback on your answers and uses a series of exercises that get increasingly difficult as you progress. Imagine creating a personalized vocabulary list that you can interact with on the fly in a playful and intuitive way. It’s a great way to really make those words stick!


What used to be a tedious chore – learning German vocabulary – just got a whole lot more exciting!




What sets vobot German apart from other vocabulary trainers?

vobotFully personalized

Only learn the vocabulary you want and need



Every expression is learned within the context of an authentic phrase or sentence

Tests spelling

Instead of flash cards that ask you to come up with the answer in your mind, vobot makes sure you really know the word through a series of 5 exercises, the last of which requires you to spell the whole word correctly


vobotMeasures progress

Once you answer an exercise, you get immediate feedback if it was right or wrong. After completing 10 exercises, you have the opportunity to review how well you are doing and check the exercises you got wrong. Plus, at any time, you can keep track of your progress by looking at the number of green boxes that have been filled next to each entry in your learning list.



How is vobot German supposed to be used?


vobot German is designed to support learners in building their receptive German vocabulary. You just type in a word you want to understand or translate and vobot shows you the possible meanings. You can even enter the inflection of a verb like “wäre” and it will point you to “sein”.


Any words you want to practice you add to your learning list, together with a sample sentence you choose. You can then commit those words to memory with a set of exercises that increase in difficulty from multiple choice to full spelling of the word.


It can be used in class or at home. One of the big advantages is that vobot immediately tells learners if they answered an exercise correctly.


The other big advantage is that words are always learned in connection with a sentence or phrase – not as an isolated word out of context. That makes words easier to remember and also connects them with the right use and meaning.


At L-Pub, we believe that learning is most successful when it happens in a meaningful and relevant context.


Are there specific functions you are missing that you would like implemented in the next version of vobot? Fill out our vobot wishlist.



What vobot German is not


Used only by itself, vobot is not going to teach you German. To learn any foreign language you need to expose yourself to the language in as many ways as possible. Plus, it’s extremely important to also take lessons with a trained teacher as well as practice speaking with other learners and native German speakers.


That said, vobot German is a great way to learn vocabulary faster and more efficiently. With a broader vocabulary base you will feel more confident when using German in other settings like the classroom or when traveling.



What’s behind vobot German?


Besides all the sophisticated coding that goes into making vobot German seem so simple, another core element is the words, translations, definitions and sample sentences from the Hueber Learner’s Dictionary German-English / English-German, ISBN 3-19-101736-1, which includes over 30,000 German words with unique English translations.


Hueber is one of Germany’s most important publishers of learning materials for German as a foreign language.


L-Pub is honored to have been able to work with their data to create the first version of vobot. The data have been provided with kind permission by Hueber Verlag, Baubergerstr. 30, 80992 Munich, Germany.




*The definition of foreign language learning levels has been standardized by the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR). Beginners start at level A1 and work through levels A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 to achieve proficiency. These levels represent important milestones and can be measured with official language learning tests, such as those performed by telc or Goethe-Institut. When applying for a job in which good knowledge of a foreign language is expected, an employer may specify that level B2 German is required. To become a German citizen, level B1 must be certified through a test. vobot helps you learn all the vocabulary you need to reach up to B2, as well as thousands more from levels C1 and C2.